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While I really like the sp101 2.25" barrel in 357, it doesn't have the round capacity I would prefer to carry. I want a bazillion rounds without having to reload. But since I can't have that, the 9mm and 40 cal carry between 14-17 rounds pending brand. I own a SR9 and a PX4 40 cal Type F, both in full size. The SR9 with stock grip felt more snappy than the PX4 40 cal using a Hogue HandAll. I was so impressed with the Hogue HandAll that I put it on my SR9 as well. They both shoot comfortably now. The rapid follow up shots are manageable on both guns. I was really surprised with the PX4 follow up shots in 40 cal. Then again, a person who shoots really well will do more damage w/ a 22 short than some of us w/ a 50 cal.
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