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Rifle knocked out of aim--what to do?

The other day when trying to shoot prairie dogs in a hurricane my 22-250 got blown off of the shooting bench. Couldn't believe it, got up to get something from the truck and turned around and there it lay in the dirt. It was in a shooting rest and the swing lock screw was loose and the wind turned it so the rifle was out of balance and it tumbled off the bench. Well, the scope was knocked out of whack by the impact. Went to the hills today and shot a fouling round into the dirt, then the first shot at paper was over 6 inches to the left of point of aim. Adjusted the thing and shot 2 shot groups till it was kind of where it needs to be. Adjustments seemed to move the POA appropriately, but the wind was again blowing about 13-15 mph and gusting, so a good sight-in was not going to happen today.

I did check the scope to be sure that the mounts weren't loose, and there was no visible damage to the exterior of the scope---it is an old Luepold that is a really nice piece of glass.

Is there anything that should be done to assure the set up is ok? This kind of thing has never happened to me, so some advice would be appreciated.
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