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Several questions to awnser before any real suggestions can be made.

1. What are you loading for?
2. What kind of quanities will you be cleaning?
3. How dirty of brass will you be cleaning?
4. What kind of budget do you have?
5. How OCD about super shine are you?

Reasons for the questions

#1 If loading just for hand gun a tubler is not needed for shootable ammo. If brass is dirty from a range barrel then washing them with soapy water, and a dash of vinegar will clean them up enough to load with. Shiney does not make it shoot any better. If loading for rifle, you can wash them the same, and most lubes are water based so a wet cloth with soapy water wiped over the case, then rinsed off will remove case lube.

#2 & #3 Large quanities I would advise a vibratory tumbler of at least a 5 pound capacity. They make larger ones, that will do more at a time. They cost more. Depends on what your budget, needs, and wants are. They will do a decent, to good job on dirty brass. Average cleaning time goes from an hour to a day.

#4 Budget is limiting factor for many. Prices go from around $35 to a few hundred dollars. Just becasue it cost more does not mean it is, or will work better, though in the end when it comes to super cheapo you tend to get what you paid for.

#5 Super shine inside, and out will require either a rotary wet tumbler with stainless steel pins, or an ultrasonic unit. Both are going to take time for the brass to dry after.
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