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Jeff if that gun will load .38 S&W, and is chambered for .38 Special then there is something wrong with it. Accuracy with .38 Speicial ammo would be horrid as the cylinders would be way over spec size, and you would have a very hard time extracting the the fired brass.

I have 6 guns that are either .38 Spcl, or .357 Mag. and .38 S&W will not chamber in any of them. It is too fat to fit in the cylinder of any of them.

I would suggest before making up a bunch of bad round to make one dummy round with no powder or primer. See if it will chamber. If the gun is a .38 Special with all chambers in spec it will not work, it will start to go in a wee bit, then get stuck.

I jsut looked at the pics you posted. The gun is a .38 Special. (.38 S&W Speical is a .38 Special.)
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