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Priority of Rifle Reloading Factors

Here's a partial list of parameters involved with rifle cartridge reloading:

1. Accuracy of powder charge (to tenth of a gr.)
2. Brand of primer
3. Use of same primer in a given load
4. Consistency of bullet weight (weigh each bullet and sort)
5. Case length
6. Deburring of flash hole
7. Case cleaning

The question: What is the order of importance for these items? In other words, where should the reloader put the most effort? Where should the most money be spent on equipment? Any items that can be ignored?

This thread was prompted by my recent thread regarding need for flash hole deburring and most responders said it was not necessary. I got to thinking, of all the processes I go through, which have the most impact on accuracy.

I am neglecting all the accuracy affects of the rifle and the effect of different powders, etc. Let's just assume we have the perfect rifle and the perfect powder and load...

I have the list in my order. I would put case cleanliness much higher because I love a shiny case but I don't think it affects accuracy that much...
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