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I do suggest you learn to more carefully read and retain what the OP actually wrote before you criticize what I wrote.
I would suggest you listen to what I'm about to say, you might learn something.

TruIvory and Eagle UltraIvory are both a polymer ivory substitute and are typically considered to be premium grip materials. TruIvory is as close to real ivory as you will get and it gets hand-fitted by BarS. Not cheap plastic like your Jay Scotts that can be had at any gun show for a few bucks. Ivory micarta is also a pseudo-synthetic that would be considered a premium material. It is the material of choice for many custom guns and is what is used for the factory grips on a Freedom Arms Premier model. Particularly the earlier Westinghouse micarta or the current antique paper micarta from Sheffield Knifemaker's Supply. Expect to pay $200-$300 for a set in the modern stuff. The old Westinghouse micarta has pretty much dried up and is very difficult to obtain. Real Sambar stag or elk antler would be considered premium materials, with stag commanding a steep premium due to scarcity.

It also appears that your definition of "restoration" differs from that of the rest of the firearms industry.
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