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Right now with all of the new reloaders hitting the forums there are simply too many of them wanting instant gratification. You know, give me what works best, and I'm good sort of thinking.

I caught on to what you were looking for, not so much a specific load, but what powders to start with so you could move ahead from there.

I would probably get a similar reaction if I posted up a similar thread asking what powder do you like best in the 45 ACP. It has nothing to do with the fact I have loaded since I was 8 and am now very shy of 50, or that I have a dozen or so manuals, or even the half dozen or so powders that might work well with it. I just haven't loaded the ACP for very long, and there are a huge number of powders which will work and work well with it under a wide variety of bullets and weights.

All that said, we still have to be somewhat careful as SOME folks, really do just want a specific load and have no intentions of working anything up.
Thanks Mike! I completely understand and agree. I've read many, many threads of obvious new reloaders trying to get all of their load data from the forums. Bad habits to start! No offenses taken here...
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