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Counting shot shells, rim fire and centerfire I probably shoot 2,000 rounds a month from April to the end of October then it drops down to maybe 600 rounds.

It's not that I want to stop shooting but after 50+ years of steady shooting since my teens my old bones can't take the cold like it used to. I still shoot just not as much. Based on family history unless I become to ill to shoot I figure 20 more years so at my current rate I would need around 74,000 rounds till I hang up my guns for good.

Back when I was actively competing I would average 5600 rounds a month not counting matches for just 22 and 45. I didn't do shotguns then but I shot a lot of rifle both center and rim fire and that isn't in the practice totals so I have cut down a lot. Just can't afford to do it like I used to and I am not capable of that kind of sustained effort anymore. I miss the days when I was a gorilla.

Checked my inventory just now, I'm going to run out way before I retire the guns so its time to get serious about filling all the empty brass I have. If I don't I'm going to be dry firing in about 2 years.
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