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Originally Posted by DD4lifeusmc
you will see a distinct line about 3/16" or so in.
This is where the powder area has been bored slightly larger than the opening.
Some are a gradual enlargement and thus no distinct line

This is not my experience.

I have owned over 70 black powder revolvers, mostly Italian replicas of Colts and Remingtons, over the last 35 years. I have restored and repaired several more for friends.

NONE, repeat NONE, have had this 'step' machined in the cylinder chambers in the so-called 'powder area'.

(What is the 'powder area' anyway? Machining a 'powder area', essentially larger diameter in the chamber expressly for powder, implies that there is a specific powder charge intended for use in that chamber, and no manufacturer of either original or replica ball and cap revolvers makes that known to the users. Why would they go to an extra, and certainly an expensive, machining operation in every chamber and then not tell the user that the gun was designed for a specific powder charge?)
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