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Except that the Soviet Union, which made the majority of the Makarovs, is as dead as East Germany is.

The 50 year rule applies as a standard, except in cases where the gun comes from a country that no longer exists.

This is why the CZ-82 is C&R eligible. Czechoslovakia is now the Czech Republic, a totally different nation from the one previously under Soviet control.

It's also the reason why East German Makarov's are C&R eligible and Bulgarians are not. I believe that Soviet Military Makarovs would also be C&R eligible--just not the commercially produced IJ-70 models(they are not historic and are commercially produced following the transition from the USSR).

Bulgaria is still the same country that it's always been. It's just not under political control from the Soviet Union, therefore it's Makarov's are not C&R eligible.
Take it for what it is, conjecture , or fact, it's the best reason I've seen. Along with this BATF confirmation of why the post WWII Walther P1 is also a C&R. (post #3)
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