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It's the damnedest thing--I've never felt the need for a suppressed firearm. Figured if I had to use a weapon to save myself, noise would be the least of my worries. But it does look as if the process of obtaining and documenting one would be fairly arduous.
A suppressed handgun will not only be quieter it will also eliminate muzzle flash and reduce recoil. All of these can be helpful in an SD situation. If youre shooting in a closed room that is going to reflect a lot of sound, every shot you take is going to be devastating to your hearing and will likely cause more stress and possibly cause flinching, reducing accuracy. In a dark room, muzzle flash could overwhelm and blind the shooter (couple that with the devastatingly loud report)
Less recoil= faster follow-up shots.
I believe every civilian should have the ability to obtain a suppressor, with the proper paperwork.
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