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I see where Rob is coming from, and I understand it. But I believe (if you're reading this Rob, please correct me if I'm wrong) you are an advocate of carrying in the house. I carry when I'm home. The only times I don't have a gun physically on me are 1) When I'm asleep, 2) When I'm changing clothes, 3) When I'm taking a shower. And in all of those circumstances, there is a gun within arms reach.

If you want to make sure you have a gun where you can get it, the best, and most secure place is on you. The kids can't get to it, a bad guy can't stumble upon it or find it, and it's within reach no matter where you are. Even with some of the drawbacks of carrying all the time, it seems like this is the best option.

I'm with the people who say that those electronic handguns safes aren't a good way to keep kids away. There's video online of a 3 or 4 year old getting into them without even using the code. Some have a simple mechanism that will fail if the safe is dropped a couple inches, or even struck hard enough. Others have holes in the side where a straightened paper clip (with a hook or something on the end) can be inserted and the locking mechanism can be accessed. If a 4 year old can do it, imagine what a 12 year old can do?

Of course, there are some safes that are nearly impossible to get into without punching in the code, but why risk it? Keep a gun on you. Keep the rest in your primary safe. Easiest/quickest access, most secure.
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