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Sure Shot Mc Gee, Minding my own business, a reloader/shooter/etc. called from the range, seems a proud new owner with a Ruger chambered in 30/06 had 5 fail to fire out of a box of Remington ammo, I suggested they call Remington, I suggested they call Ruger, later in the afternoon the 15 fired and 5 failed to fire came here, no box and no name of the proud new owner.

We measured the fired cases, with the L.E. Wilson case gage, we checked the fired cases in my chamber gage, we checked the fired cases with my home made case length gage, the fired cases did not protrude from the L.E. Wilson case gage, we measured with a straight edge and feeler gage, the cases chambered in my chamber gage and the cases when measured for length were shorter than a go-gage length chamber chamber. The fired cases would chamber in any 30/06 chambered rifle I have, that would be 6+, in one chamber the fired cases would be .014” shorter from the shoulder of the case to the head of the case than my chamber in that rifle.

Failed to fire, 5 cases, we pulled them down, weighted the bullets, powder, cases and primers, if there was a difference it was less than .1 of a grain, I was impressed, we compared the fired with the fail to fire, we were impressed with the Ruger chamber.

At the range, everyone had an opportunity to attempt firing the fail to fire rounds, the primers were hit at least 5 times with 3 rifles, we installed the primers back into the same case they were removed from and fired all 5 one at a time in one of my M1917s, all know to have longer chambers from the shoulder back to the bolt face than the Ruger, all 5 primers were crushed and fired.

I had two 300 Winchester Mags, one was a non-Weatherby, the other a Model 70 Winchester, the non-Weatherby with the non-Weatherby chamber shot one hole groups, the Winchester shot patterns, cases fired in the non-Weatherby would drop into the Winchester Model 70 chamber like new ammo, cases fired in the Winchester could not be stuffed into a full length sizer die, or a small base die, of a forming die.

Winchester and I had words, I wanted a chamber that fit my dies or Winchester dies that fit my chamber, they suggested I was difficult at first then I became impossible.

They suggested, before they do anything with the rifle, I shoot it more. Long story.

F. Guffey

I have purchased cases from the firing range, normally in groups of 100 and or 200 because of the price incentive, purchase 100, get 10 free, when sorting cases it was not uncommon to be able to group the cases in 20s, again, my favorite case was the case that was fired in a trashy old chamber. That would be a case that was longer between the shoulder/datum and case head than a go-gage length chamber.
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