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Your precess is excellent. I don't know what your hardware is or how well it will hold up with water and any load. But I will go with your best judgement.

I use stainless steel pins, a squirt of Dawn and fill with water in my rubber tubs on a rolling cleaner/ rock tumbler.

I find that dumping the rubber tubs into a steel round bowl (snitched it from the kitchen) and rinsing with fresh water until the nast has flowed away. Shake each case under water to rid it of the pins (they want to adhere with water) and dry. I dump my wet brass on a towel (easier to pick them up) on a cookie sheet. Pre-heat the oven to 250 to 300 degrees, depending upon how much brass is going in, put the brass in the over and turn off the heat. When the oven is cool, the brass is dry. No further work for me.

Clean and dry brass. I do 'rattle tub' in grit before I size/deprime. Then to clean off any lube and the carbon crust from inside the cases and primer pockets, use the water pin mix.


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