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Sharps won't shoot

I'm posting this for a friend lacking in computer skills.
He has a heavy barreled Pedersoli Sharps in 45-70. Very little use until a couple days ago.
Friend is a very experienced shooter and gunsmith. He regularly wins at other types of matches. I believe shooter screw-up is not part of the equation.
At a benchrest black powder cartridge match recently, all targets at 100 yards, he was not able to get the Sharps to print decently at all. Many of the hits on paper showed tumbling. Ten targets, ten shots each, all but one looked like shotgun hits. Many of the holes were outside the scoring rings at the edge of the 30" targets. One target did have about 5 hits in the ten rings, the rest were all over the place.
He was using 405 gr. hard lead cast bullets he cast and loaded himself with real bp.
He did report the barrel has very shallow grooves but was smooth when observed and a patch run down the bore.
I'm not experienced with this type of gun or shooting. But, it does cause me to recall a Marlin lever rifle I once had that simply would not shoot cast bullets. If the were not jacketed they were all over the county. That rifle had the infamous 'micro groove' rifling.
Any input to help my friend would be appreciated.

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