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I'd Like to Load 38 S&W Lead Magtech Bullets

Of course I'm new to reloading. I've loaded .30-06 successfully, so I'm not brand new, but I haven't done anything with a pistol yet.

When I'm searching for lead info, I'm usually getting into casting, which I'm not doing. I was able to obtain some Magtech Bullets 38 S&W (360 Diameter) 146 Grain Lead Round Nose from MidwayUSA because I wanted to learn how to reload lead.

Since these bullets are already cast, can I load them like I would jacketed bullets? Or do I still need to go through sizing/lubricating? Reading through my "ABC's of Reloading" isn't making it clear to me, as it seems to be coming from a casting perspective.

I intend on using a S&W K frame (model 15) revolver for my loads, if that makes any difference.

I've only been able to get Bullseye powder, so that's what I guess I'll start with.
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