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I too am pressed so here are the "bullet" points , here is the shooting industry website; . That may help explain pressure or CUP(copper units of pressure) limits.
To my knowledge, newer Taurus 85 snubs are rated to handle +P .38spl. I'd have the gun owner contact Taurus Customer Service or a Taurus armorer trained gunsmith.
There are a few +P rated .38spl rounds out there; Id suggest: Buffalo Bore lead SWC-HP +P 158gr, the Ranger T/T Series .38spl load, Corbon DPX or PowRball, the Speer Gold Dot 135gr +P JHP(designed with the NYPD for back-ups/2nd guns), MagSafe SWAT, DRT, Hornady Critical Defense, Glaser Safety Slug Silver.
+P or +P+ ammunition WILL cause wear & tear on a firearm faster than standard rounds.
Only use factory made, quality loads too for protection no hand loads or reloaded .38spl. Training or plinking is fine.

Carry a few safety orange Quik-Strips from Tuff Products or the popular Bianchi Speed Strips. Always have a few spare strips or well made 5 shot speed loaders; HKS, Safariland Comp IIIs, etc. I like the newer orange Quik-Strips(easy to ID in high stress).

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