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Here recently I haven't been shooting but around 100 .45 and .357 rounds a month, but at least once or twice a month I go to my buddies and go through at least 1 of those 100 round bulk packs of 12 gauge shells. Plus I just got an AK 47 and the ammo for those is cheap so I'll be shooting it a lot, so say 300-400 rounds a month maybe, so 600 or 700 rounds a month, depending on how much spare money I have, plus right now I'm in college and only making a couple bucks over minimum wage, so give me, lets say 4 years to get out of college and get a good job and be able to afford to stockpile ammo and I'll be 25 so it'll make the math easier. So say around 7000 rounds a year until I have a good job, so say around 28000 rounds in 4 years, then I'll have a good job and can shoot more, say 10-15000 rounds a year. So if I keep shooting like that until I'm 70 that would be 450,000-675,000. So for me alone, I'll say 700,000 rounds, plus my 2 kids say from 11-18 for them, limiting them to 2000 rounds a year, thats 28,000 rounds. I'll leave my old lady out of this since I haven't got her to shoot yet and I'm running out of fingers to add this on.
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