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My first 7X57 was ...

a sporterized Mauser Model 93. Because it is a weak action (only 2 locking lugs, early era metallurgy), I could shoot only factory ammo.

Luckily, in those days, Norma sold a 150 grain load, with a MV of 2750 fps, so I was able to kill a raghorn bull elk with it.

In 1996, I found a one-of-a-kind bolt action 7X57 which was custom made by DuBiel Arms company. It was on about Table #995 at a 1,000 table gun show in Dallas, TX, when I found it.

It is also a "lefty", which is exactly what I needed. I wonder what the odds were of finding a left-handed bolt action 7X57? I should have bought a Lotto ticket that day.

As for "hot rodding" the 7X57, I plead guilty. I achieve MVs of 2,950 fps, using IMR 4320.That's chronographed velocity, not "book data".

I decided to go for that load after reading Jack O'Connor (Outdoor Life magazine Shooting Editor) experiences, in that he told of loading the 7X57 to 2,900 fps for his wife, Eleanor to use on African safari, with great results.He concluded, "...there are no flies on the 7X57...".

Another author from the 1950's/60's also related 7X57 loads in excess of 2,900 fps using Norma powders (M203? M204?).

In any case, considering that the 7-08 factory loads reach 2,850 fps MV, and the case is 6 mm shorter than the 7X57 case, it just makes sense that the extra space in the 7X57 case can be utilized to boost the MV beyond what is achieved in the 7-08 case.

One skeptic in this thread stated that the 7X57 was a loser in warfare. In response to that statement, I would like to cite the reaction of Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders at San Juan Hill, Cuba, when they faced the Spanish Army armed with Model 93 Mauser rifles chambered in 7X57. Teddy was very impressed with the flat trajectory of the 7X57, and the penetrating power of the 173 grain bullets the Spanish were using. The 7X57 did not lose that war - the Spanish did.

Teddy went back home and pressed the War Dept to modernize the U.S. infantry rifle. The result was the creation of the 30-06 cartridge and the Model 1903 Springfield rifle.
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