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How Much Ammo do you anticipate shooting in the REST of your lifetime ?

The title of the thread says it all: How much ammo, do you anticipate shooting in the REST of your lifetime. In other words, if you were going to put together a stockpile of ammo, or reloading components to last the rest of your lifetime, what number do you arrive at ?

This is NOT one of these "if I hit the lottery" questions. Or, if I rubbed an Aladdin's Lamp and got three wishes questions. Think about how much you shoot now. How often you shoot. If you are not yet retired, maybe increase those numbers to take into account that you will have more time on your hands, kids will be gone......... Guess at what age you might not be able to shoot anymore............

I had this discussion with a friend several years ago. We both took it seriously and didn't try to be funny (even though the converstation occured in a bar). We both were actually trying to decide if we had enough ammo to enjoy shooting the rest of our lives or if we needed to keep buying. We even got into the fact that as we advanced in age, we probably couldn't continue doing the type of shooting we did at that time. For example my buddy intended to get into .22 benchrest shooting at some point as he became older since it didn't have many physical limitations.

FWIW: we both figured about 60,000 rounds after crunching the numbers. Not that it matters, but for whatever reason, I don't shoot anywhere near as much as I did then, so that number is probably quite high for me. At that time I was shooting at least three times a week and was shooting in several different matches a month. I could shoot all I wanted right near my house.........

I realize that right now it is hard to buy ANY ammo or reloading components. We all know that, so let's skip over that and just stick with the numbers and how you arrived at them.
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