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Just bought a Rossi M92 357 MAG lever action. Big mistake. Very bad feeding problems with 357 and 38 specials. It went back to the place of purchase the same week. I am now waiting to hear from them whether they can fix or if it must be shipped back to Taurus for 4-6 weeks. Hope they can fix it but I would recommend something besides this.
I'm sorry for that. I wouldn't go as far as saying every Rossi will be having this issue. I've settled on the Rossi as I'm really wanting a '92 style and at it's price point and aftermarket for it, it seems to be the way to fly.

I got my hands on a 16" barrel of what I wanted and ALMOST walked out with it, however, I wanted the 20" and the 8 round vs 10 round capacity wouldn't allow me to use it in CAS events.

Even covered in the thick oil from the factory the action was smooth and it shouldered great. I can not WAIT to get mine in, cleaned up, and run some reloads through it!
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