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I shot one last year. We tested a variety of ammo with it. 3" at 25 yards is not good accuracy from a carbine and you can do much better than that with the gun, but I still found it lacking compared to the Beretta Storm in the same caliber for accuracy.

You liked the trigger. The three of us shooting the one I shot all thought the trigger was horrible, including the owner. None of us thought that the recoil control mechanism that is supposed to make the gun so smooth turn out to not be worth a darn in semi-auto. Maybe it works in full auto, but in semi, it was pretty meaningless. It is the main reason for the huge expense of the gun.

We also found the sights to be terrible. Ours would not stay tight and that was from the factory.

None of us thought the safety was very well situated or easy to use.

We tested a variety of ammo and out gun had numerous cycling issues.

I thought it was a really cool gun, but thought that it left a lot to be desired, especially for the price. To be honest, none of us could figure out a very good reason to have one other than to just have it. It didn't seem to have the makings of a good defensive carbine because of the ergonomics. The trigger made for more difficult precision shooting. So it would not be a good hunting gun either. That leaves just having it and plinking with it and that makes it a very expensive plinker.

Sorry, but we just had a different opinion.

However, we did find that we could get over 1600 fps from some of the 165 gr. defensive ammo. I thought that was really outstanding. Of course, you could do that with the same ammo in another 16" barreled carbine as well.
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