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.38 +P+ brass

Over the weekend I sized and flared many thousands of .38 special brass on my trusty single stage press (ice pack on my shoulder as I type) and I came across one shell that was special. It is much more rubust and thicker than the rest. Even the Starline brass, which is usually the thickest, wasn't as thick as this one. I could feel it as I sized and flared the case.

I can tell it used to be nickel plated, but has long worn off.

The head stamp says WCC+P+ 78. I'm guessing it was made in 1978.

I didn't know that +P+ was different. People should take note of this before trying to make their own for whatever reason.

Trying to put my .358 cast round in there was tight. I doubt it will seat nicely. This brass may only accept .357 or smaller.

Just thought I'd share.

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