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I think the key thing to take from this thread is that Ruger isn't marketing towards us. When I started shooting Ruger made most of the guns that interested me. Price point was right, features were right, quality was right. As stated above, I now have my one bolt action gun. If I want another I will probably go for a higher quality one. Even my 10/22 is up for grabs as I would now prefer one of the aftermarket receivers with a few extra features. Ruger is trying to the one rifle to the hundreds of thousands of hunters who want just one rifle, not the dozens of rifles to the very few people who want that many firearms. They make great products for that market segment and they don't care if they sell the 20 people in this thread 8 guns a piece as long as they sell 160 people who have NEVER been on a firearm forum 1 gun.
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