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Kriss Vector CRB carbine.

This weekend I had the chance to put several hundred rounds through a Kriss Vector CRB carbine.
The negative, the sights were hokey at best. Imagine two boxes setting on their corners. Multiple fast shots, the sights were distracting and set to high on the gun. The first thing I would do when I own one is to remove them and mount an Ainpoint. The magazines were Glock which was a good thing but getting them in was difficult since they set up into the mag well, fit was not perfect for a 2000$ gun. They would not fall out of the gun which to me is a major problem. It needs the higher round count mags so you can pull them out.
That’s it for the negative.
I own a MP5 clone, a berretta storm carbine, did own an Uzi, Mac 10.
I would give them all up for the Kriss in a heat beat.
Trigger was very good, Accuracy was much better than I expected. Offhand 25 yards 3 inch groups were easy even with rapid firing. Recoil surprised me. Not objectionable in any way but much more than I thought it would from all that I have heard about the Kriss. But all straight back into the shoulder. The best way to describe the gun, it was like the fake suppressor was being held in a vice. NO lift at all, none. This made multiple shots extremely easy.
The gun looks big and boxy but put your hand directly in front of the mag well and under the suppressor and the alignment and weight are about as perfect as any gun of its type that I have ever held and fired. When held this way it’s in the perfect position to hit the bolt release with the thumb. They come with a vertical grip forward of the well but it felt completely unneeded and in the way.
The safety was easy to use but a little high for me.
The collapsible stock looks odd but was designed very well and feels very natural when it’s up against your shoulder. The cheek rest is small but works well and comfortable when shooting.
Function was flawless and the expended cases were thrown slightly forward and about 20 feet to the right. They ended up in a pile the size of your out stretched arms. The exit port (that’s the best way to describe it) looks big enough to feed a machine gun belt. It makes clearing failures easily and checking that the gun is empty is about as easy as any gun I have ever seen.
If it sounds like I was impressed, you’re right.
I hope everyone here at TFL gets a chance to handle and fire one someday. You will be impressed.
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