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Originally Posted by speedrrracer
More confusion and chaos, courtesy of the idiots at the F-troop.
I'm probably in a minority, but I don't see that the BATFE has in any way created any confusion or chaos on this. What I see is that some small groups of people have tried to sneak around the requirement of doing at least 20 percent of the work themselves in order for a so-called "80 percent" receiver to be considered home made. Awhile back I was negotiating with the owner of a small, independent machine shop to rent time on his Bridgeport (not a CNC) to do an 80 percent receiver. Sadly, his health forced him to close the shop and retire before I ever got to bring my project to fruition, but the core of our discussions was that we both wanted to follow the law, which meant that **I** had to do the work. I was going to pay him to stand there and coach me through the steps, but neither of us wanted to become a felon at our age (we're both Vietnam veterans and senior citizens).

The problem with trying to translate this to a CNC machine is that there isn't any definition of "work" relating to a CNC. Just mounting a fixture to a machine that has already been programmed for the job? I can't see how that's worth more than a couple of percent. Uploading the code? Ditto.

Maybe actually writing the code could count for a chunk of the percentage. I don't know -- I've never worked with a CNC machine and I have no idea how time-intensive it is to write the code. But I don't think the participants in these parties are interested in writing the code for themselves. I think they are just looking to do an end run around the 20 percent parameter. Letting someone else's CNC machine, running someone else's code, finish your 80 percent receiver to me isn't any different from if I were to hand a receiver to my now-retired acquaintance and tell him to go ahead and finish the piece ... but let me push the button when he's ready to turn on the machine. I just don't think that's what the BATFE had in mind in allowing 80 percent receivers to be completed by the owner.
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