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Getting muzzle swept is a scary thing. I was on a pheasant driven day beating ( flushing the birds). Picture this...there was a clearing where all the trees were felled. We pushed the birds through the forest to the clearing where all the guns were lined up with 40 yards between each gun position. When we reached the clearing the birds were going in every direction. A pheasant got up to my left about a 100 yards away and flew straight down the line of beaters I was standing in. The bird passed between me and straight in front 50 yards in front of me was an Italian guy with a 12 bore shot gun. He swung on the bird that was 4 foot of the ground and swung right through me as it passed in front of me and him. He did pull the trigger!!!! All the lead landed in front of me. He missed the bloody bird and me thank god. That was my nearest close quarters scare. If you work with guns all your life it may not be your mistakes that cause you injury, it will most likely be someone else who does. Golden rule, never shoot at a bird below the tree line!!

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