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If It was my press, die and shell holder I would know if the case would chamber before I lowered the ram, there is something about the conflict between the case not wanting to be size and my presses ability to overcome the resistance. Then there is that part where I save a unfired, new, minimum length, full length sized case for reference.

Then there are barrels, I have barrels, a few new ones and a lot of take off barrels, then there are the barrels I remove the chamber from, all I have to know is what the definition of a minimum length sized case, all that is required for me to do is measure the protrusion from the chamber of a barrel before firing and again after firing, after sizing all that is required to do is drop the sized case into the take off barrel and check for protrusion.

I could dig through the drawers and dig out other tools and surround my self with nice tools, not necessary tools, just nice tools, again, if it was my press, die and shell holder I could tell if the case was going to chamber before I lowered the ram.

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