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Latest updates still do not have a complete picture. Here's the quote so I don't screw it up:

We were advised by Jason that the ATF now considers providing someone a pre-programmed CNC machine with fixtures in place as "manufacturing". It doesn't matter if you have an FFL 07. With an FFL 07, it seems that a person could still rent the CNC and push the button, but the lower would have to be manufactured under the name of the company who holds the FFL. It would need to be properly serialized and go through the normal background check, paperwork, and 10 day wait period associated with purchasing a firearm in CA. This is what we were expressly told by our lawyer because we specifically asked if an FFL 07 would be a possible solution to this problem.
So there is no clarity on:

What if the fixtures are not already in place? IOW, what if the machine is pre-programmed but I put the fixtures in their places?


What if the fixtures are in place but I provide my own code? If I bring my code from home, do I have to upload it, or can that be a service provided by the shop?

More confusion and chaos, courtesy of the idiots at the F-troop.
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