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Commercial Mauser Lugers were marked with Mauser "banner", but none were marked DWM. DWM was part of a consortium that also owned Mauser, so Mauser was the successor to DWM for Luger production.

.30 Luger (7.65 Parabellum) was the original Luger caliber, and some pistols in that caliber are very valuable. But most of the Lugers around in .30 Luger caliber were sold here between wars. They are often referred to as "1920 commercial" Lugers, and most were rebarrelled military surplus guns, though nicely refinished and with the military date removed. They were made in .30 Luger because German companies were prohibited under the Versailles treaty from making 9mm pistols except for the police and the small military force.

Once again, it is hard to provide more information without good pictures.

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