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I thought the rule was that there MUST be nothing placed on the outside of the suitcase to indicate that there is a firearm inside. Has that changed?

I know what the TSA advisory says, but the TSA is noted for "advising" things that are contrary to law. Such as "advising" travelers to turn over the keys to the screening agent. That is explicitly prohibited in the law.

They're saying if the bag isn't a firearms bag. Such as, your suitcase with a declared firearm container INSIDE the suitcase. If the suitcase alarms, there is no indication that there is a firearm inside. They will open the suitcase and do their inspection. If there is a firearms container inside the suitcase, it will be handled in accordance with firearms specific rules. The "if there is no indication that there is a firearm inside" means "it's not a gun case".
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