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Lists for holsters....

There are a few posts for top holsters & gear makers.
Keep in mind that a good holster is part of a system. The holster, gun belt magazine carry pouches, etc. Some armed professionals prefer to get the holster & gear from the same source but that's not a strict requirement.
For a good pistol rig, Id look at the Wright Leather Works Predator or Marshal. It's available in several colors & includes a side protector.

Some like Kydex or synthetic which can hold up well. Exotic leathers like rhino, bull, gator, stag-deer, shark are available.

The gun belt should be lined or thick. The 1.50" width can work. Some custom shops can provide a gun dress belt that tapers to a 1.25" width.

See: .
Call or contact the maker first too before you order. Some minor changes or styles may cause the holster not to fit or you may need to wait months for delivery.

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