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OK, if you want a carry piece with reliability as the top priority, I'm going to impart some hard truth to you:

You will have a gun that rattles when you shake it.

The 1911, as originally conceived, was a very reliable weapon. It was also much looser than today's high(er) end CNC-made 1911's.

You will also want a slide & frame of differing hardnesses. Someone has to be harder than the other side of the sliding fit - either the slide is harder than the frame (more typical on older Springfields) or the frame is harder than the slide.

There's a wealth of information in Kuhnhausen's 1911 book. Buy it, read it carefully with your 1911 or parts in hand before you start working on it. Read it all the way through to really understand what's going on, go into special detail on the cycle of operations, which is essential to you understanding how to make a 1911 ultimately reliable.
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