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Chamber depth

Toward the end of this year I am planning on making my first barrel. I've done a ton of reading and watching videos, but right now I am getting hung up on chamber depth.

I understand the headspace aspect of it, but what I do not understand is how much of the brass should stick out from then end of the barrel.

I have read a various amount of things from "as little as possible" to probably way more than I would feel safe about.

The only numbers I found were to measure the depth of the bolt face and add .004-.006" to that, and not to exceed .010", which makes sense, keeping the cartridge in the barrel as much as possible. Then use the go gauge and ream until that much of the go gauge is sticking out. (I'm sure there are better ways to check that too.)

Currently, my rifle leaves the cartridge hanging out .255", the bolt face is recessed .125", leaving .130" of space. This makes me question the information that I found above, but it could be that there is a very loose tolerance on this in production rifles.

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