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Ahh, well that's a whole new reason to buy both the East German and the Russian Maks.

Well the thing with this awful state I live in is, that it is not illegal to have ammunition or firearms(to C&R) shipped right to your house but the Attorney General basically bullies and threatens company's that send them to Massachusetts residents. And since Mass has some of the most convoluted and complex laws a lot of company's just don't bother trying to figure out or even bother with dealing with our state.

People from the state even go on shooting forums and see if people are talking about receiving ammo or firearms. Im a member on and you can't even talk about where you get your supply from because it will get ratted out and the AD's office will bully them into not shipping to our state.

But im gonna check out some of the places you suggested and try my luck

PS this is the scumbag I'm talking about

and this is the Commandants office
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