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I just go get the range master and leave if I feel uncomfortable. I'm not a firearms instructor nor do I want to be one. I certainly dont want a newbie standing beside me or a 10 year old with a .38.

To tell you the truth I might not go back to that seems there is always a group there that doesn't know jack.

You need help with a question about point of aim or somthing like that fine but if you dot know how to load your gun then I have a problem with that.

One guy had a Walther P22 a few weeks ago and kept dropping the hammer and the gun would not fire.....he kept complaining about bad ammo....he must have cleared out 4 or 5 rounds.....he would pick them up and say "looks like light fireing pin strikes"...."This is a new gun and it doesn't eve work"

I walked over and told him t take iit off "safe" by flipping the lever.

Wel he did and then immediately pulled the trigger and sent a round down range without aim. It scared te crap outta him and me. I didn't expet him to pull the trigger like that.

I think I'm done trying to help people at the range. Sorry.
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