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While Ohio allows silencers (registered ones it appears) It does not allow their use for hunting birds or four legged animals.

Silencers are included in the definition of dangerous ordinance.
(K) "Dangerous ordnance" means any of the following, except as provided in division (L) of this section:
(5) Any firearm muffler or silencer;
(1) Possession or control of any dangerous ordnance, or the materials or parts for making dangerous ordnance, in the absence of circumstances indicating the dangerous ordnance, materials, or parts are intended for legitimate use;
It shall be unlawful for any person to use a gun equipped with a silencer or muffler, or deadfall of any type to take or attempt to take a wild bird or wild quadruped.
I suppose you could use them for hunting snakes and fish provided there were no other regulations prohibiting it. But why bother.

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