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I don't know if going to TX will save a lot of money over Africa, it will save you time. I had to back down from my Africa trip because I won't have the vacvacation time since I started a new job and going to Africa would require at least 16 days for a 10 day hunt. I had a six species plains game 10 day hunt planned for $7K, with plane tickets, lodging, tips, dip & ship budgeted liberally at $12K or more simply $2K per animal. I'm not sure you'll get it done that cheaply in TX.

I would love to chase free range aoudad and nilgai in TX though. You can't hunt nilgai in India and I'm not sure I want to hunt Barbary sheep in their native lands. However I'd love to find an old bull Eland in my sights in Africa.
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