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I still have the shelf in the closet that I am using for reloading storage. That is where I plan on keeping unopened powder and all primers.

It's a electric water heater. Even then I still have a barrier and about 4 feet clearance between them. Think I'll just grab the powder and primers I am using when I walk out to the room to reload. Was wondering on that little container idea to keep like one bottle rifle one bottle pistol and a pack of primers in it, and under the reloading desk.

Not using the room as storage other than the heads. I do not even keep my finish rounds in there. They stay in ammo cans beside my safe. I put the main point of container question in italics.

No worries...if it was gas water won't find me in there. The idea of me being in a enclosed room with natural gas and a flame is nerving enough. Adding powder to that mix is just not smart. Desk had to be moved anyways and thats the only place that I'm allowed to reload. lol We're planning on expanding the family in a year so this room will be the new babys room in about two years.
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