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If you can help these folks and do it in a constructive way, you'll be serving everyone in our hobby and lifestyle in a positive manner.

Imagine not knowing anything abut firearms, feeling a need for one, and no friends how happen to be into the sport. These are often former anti-gun liberals who have been confronted with reality. They end up witha gun at the range, hoping to get some help.

When you calmy walk over are offer helpful tips in a friendly way, these people are very east to befriend correct. If you scold them and talk down to them you are re-enforcing their fear of what to expect if they enroll in a beginner firearms training course, which is where they belong.

There are two approaches.

"Hey idiot, you're going to kill somebody! You need to learn what the heck you are doing before you come to public range! Learn some range etiquette and watch where you point that thing, jerk! Come back when know what you're doing!"

"I can see you are new at this, and I will be happy to help you out so you can do this safely without making others nervous. I can also recommend some great beginner firearms classes that will help you develop some great safe habits which are much easier to learn before you develop some bad ones".

Neither will result in 100% positive outcomes, but you can choose the one with the best odds.
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