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For me and my .44 Magnums (5 of them), Unique is much more versatile. H110/W296 is full out Magnum loads only, no reduction of charges is recommended. I can get magnum velocities and also easy shooting "Special" level loads with Unique. Since I have found that full out, near max. loads aren't necessarily the most accurate, and any animal I shoot wouldn't be able to tell if my 250 gr. LSWC is going only 1100 fps rather than 1400, I'll stay with Unique (of the two you mention).
Same here. I like simple, and for me Unique fits the bill. Able to create easy target loads, as well as loads that have killed several large whitetail deer -- cleanly, and at extended distances (for a handgun).

I use it for 240jsp, 240gr lead, and 300gr Meister Hard Cast Bullets, and have had superb luck and accuracy with them. (It's also my only .45acp powder -- I'm a big fan).
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