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Now these will be new rifles--Marlin 39A vs. Henry Frontier?
That would be a tough call. Normally, back before the days of Remlin, I would say get the 39A if money wasn't an issue. But with current production problems, I would suggest the Henry for anyone who wasn't prepared to sort out any problems they may encounter on a new 39. I like and own Marlins and Henry's. They are different, but each has it's advantages. Some advantages of the Henry's are that they are lighter in hand and on the wallet, they function just as well as the Marlin and are much, much smoother to operate. The Marlin, when properly built, is much stronger, has a long track record for durability, and should retain it's value well over the years. Some tout the long history of the Marlin and the fact that it was Annie Oakley's rifle of choice, but neither of these facts have any affect on the rifle you buy today. What matters more is whether today's model meets the intended standard of quality as it leaves the factory, and the level of customer service you receive if there is a problem. A little research will quickly shed some light on those areas of concern.
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