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I don't recall what the average salary was for workers was back in 1952 when I purchased a Win Mdl 70 270 for $ 127 . Now the average income is in the $ 50--60,000 range. Please correct me if I m wrong. A new Win 70 is in the $ 1,000 range. Over the years I have owned Anschutz , Browning, Cooper, Kimber, Howa , Parker Hale, Sako, Remington, Ruger, Winchester, and Weatherby firearms. The price paid somewhat reflected the workers salary and cost of materials at the time of the purchase. But the better quality walnut wood has increased at a faster rate than inflation. Copper was about 20 cents per pound when I started reloading in 1953 and now its over $ 3 per pound. Back when I purchased the 270 Win rifle workers had very few benifets and the value of the $ was much higher in world trade. Firearms price and quality simpley reflect what is going on in the world.
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