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These may be "scary" times but a big part of that equation.... is a very, very, VERY good thing. It's a whole heckuva lot of new people buying guns and going shooting. We want these folks. They buy stuff, causing every business in the industry to grow and make MORE stuff. These new folks also sell and trade-in guns that help keep our used market brimming with goodies. And what we want the most... are all these people voting and voting in a manner that supports our rights. At the very least, you can bet (hope?) that because they are shooting, they are MUCH more aware of who -NOT- to vote for, and even that is welcome assistance.

Moderator Capt Charlie uses a line in his signature that says, "TFL Members are ambassadors to the world for firearm owners. What kind of ambassador does your post make you?"

He's saying that you represent gun owners when you write something on here in one of your posts. The same is true when you are at a range. If you can help these folks and do it in a constructive way, you'll be serving everyone in our hobby and lifestyle in a positive manner.

As to the subject of the thread, those two rounds mistakenly loaded in to the wrong handguns? I wouldn't worry all too much about either. When they aren't sitting in a properly sized chamber, they never get a chance to work to their full pressure, not to mention the fact that they basically got shot from a ZERO-inch barrel since the bullet had near zero resistance in it's travel down the bore.

For sure, it shows a genuine lack of diligence and it's NEVER going to be a good thing when someone is that careless, but aside from that... I don't think we are looking at much of a real "safety" issue.
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