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TSA cutting locks on cases with declared firearms

Did anyone else have anything fishy go on with declared firearms in their luggage on the way back home from the NRA Convention in Houston?

I was flying back, as usual, with an unloaded firearm properly declared in a locked Pelican Case inside a locked hard-sided suitcase and when I got to my home airport I discovered that my suitcase lock had been cut off, everything had been gone through, and a note from the TSA was inside. The problem is, no attempt had been made to contact me, even though my location was obviously not a mystery since I told the agent I would be at the gate if they needed to get in the bag. The TSA baggage agent in my home airport agreed that protocol had not been followed for a bag with a declared firearm, and warned me that the Houston TSA would likely try to come up with a weasely excuse why they "technically" didn't violate the rules.

The baggage agent in Houston obviously was having fun, because my antacids and vitamin C had been opened and tablets placed (crushed) in the 4 corners of my suitcase as little presents for me.

So, with the high number of declared firearms going through George Bush International on Sunday the 5th, did anyone else have TSA fun and games with their bags, or was it just me? Thankfully at least my firearms arrived home.
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