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New to reloading ammo need tips

Hey everyone,

I'm new to reloading, as well as this form. Buddy of mine referred me this form, so I have been looking at it for a day or two trying to figure it out. It's nice to see everybody trying to help everyone with tips/info. So if y'all would help me with a few things please. Like I said I'm new to reloading so my terminology may not be right so bare with me.

I bought a lee 50th anniversary reloading kit, everything works well expect I really don't like the way the powder measure works. But I am able to work with that for now. I am reloading 45 acp ammo and have fully reloaded about 30 shells with bullseye powder, 230 gr JHP, with once shot federal shells. Those shells actually take small pistol primers (using Winchester).

My main question is...according to Lyman 49th edition, using a 225 gr jacketed HP the OAL should be 1.243"..I made mine around 1.195 to 1.205 does that make a difference.. Also, again I'm using a 230 gr JHP..and I'm putting about 4.4 grands of powder in it. And so more info, I'm using RCBS 3-die carb set and they do fit my lee press..

Thanks to all!
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