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Stag with a lot of bark looks good on nickel plated guns or blue guns. I'm not really wild about buffalo horn as grip material, though haven't really seen that many.

Though you didn't include it, dark walnut, rosewood, or gaboon ebony all look very nice on nickel plated guns.
I've never actually seen buffalo horn in person, only in photos. At first (as in for a few years) it didn't do it for me, but it grew on me and now I think it looks pretty good and I can see it looking pretty nice on stainless.

As for the wood, I am a fan of wood grips. I've had them on enough revolvers (including the cheap, but decent looking, Thai grips on my 625MG now) that they don't seem very exotic to me (I'm looking for something special for this gun, not something that "just" looks good). I haven't done ebony yet though, and that may be a good option this time.

As for me, I prefer wood, stag, ivory, or bone; all natural materials, over plastic anything.
Yeah, me too. I wish ivory was just a little more affordable. I do like what some of the better imitation ivory looks like, but I still probably won't put it on my "flagship" revolver. I'll probably put some imitation ivory on my blued Taurus 85CH, or if I keep it, my S&W 442. Though, some do look pretty good, and if I don't like them they aren't that much money and I can always put them up on Ebay or Gunbroker. Maybe if I decide to go this way, I'll buy some for the Taurus as a trial and if the grips are nice enough I can then order some for my 625.
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