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My dad always told me "it cost to go fast, how fast do you want to go?". Of course that was in my muscle car days.... It applies here too.

A good buddy of mine and one hell of a gunsmith built my 300WM. Trued 700 action,Manners T5A chassis, Timney trigger, Kreiger 24" 1-10" stainless barrel and custom muzzle brake. I topped it off with a NightForce ATACR. She is a pleasure to shoot with the recoil of a .243 or less and proven 1/4-3/8 MOA accuracy at 100 yards with a good operator behind her. While my poor ole eyes and reflexes get her to just under half MOA, she is a shooter. The problem is I have about $6k with bipod, sling, pelican case, and so on. So here is the big question, is taking a MOA or sub MOA gun to a 1/4-3/8 MOA gun, worth $3.5k? It can be done a lot cheaper. I have just as much fun punching paper with the basically stock SPS Tactical AAC-SD.

To me it was chasing a unicorn, turned out to be a thoroughbred, but to me it was still worth it. Most will say it isn't worth the money. Only you can decide how far to take it.
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