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The 480 throws a bigger bullet than the 454 Casull and 460 S&W, but at a lower velocity.

Remember. Bullet energy shreds flesh but momentum breaks bone (and provides penetration).

The next two paragraphs are second-hand information, though my experience with recoil in my three Super Redhawks in 44, 454 and 480, all in 7.5" barrels, bear out the recoil testimony.

The recoil from the 480 is less punishing than the 454 Casull, about halfway between the 44 Magnum and 454 Casull in the same-configuration guns.

The 480 is a lot more effective on thick-skinned game animals than the 44 Magnum and only a little less effective than the 454 Casull and is really given an advantage with the heavier bullets.

If faced with a charging Grizzly Bear and there were two guns on the table, one 480 Ruger with 370 grain or 440 grain hard cast lead bullets and one 454 Casull with 240 or 300 grain hard case lead, the 480 would be my choice if each cartridge were loaded to maximum power levels. But my prejudice is toward bigger bullets. More weight, more penetration and more frontal area.

If the choice were between the 480 Ruger and the 460 S&W, I would not be so certain in my choice.

Thanks for asking our advice and opinions.

My advice: If you don't reload snf aren't going to, rule out the 480/475. If you don't have a .357 Magnum, go for that. If the 480 you found is such a bargain, add in the cost of a decent reloading outfit (estimate $300-$400) and go to town.

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