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Which grips for a S&W N-frame

I am thinking about putting some premium grips on my S&W N-frame. I have some really nice carved leather for it, and I want to complete the package. This gun has the original Hogues and some cheap wood grips from Thailand for when it comes in the woods camping with me and for the occasional CCW use (I do need a cheaper, less ornamental holster for that purpose still) so beating up the grips isn't a worry. They will be mainly for range use and just to have and look at (though if I ever have occasion to open carry, I'll probably use my nice holster and premium grips).

My gun is a stainless S&W 625MG. I love stag and elk and would love those materials on one of my guns. I like some polymer ivory (I will never afford the real thing), but I'm not sure about putting plastic on my gun as a "premium" grip. Also, for both the imitation ivory, or the stag/elk, I'm thinking that a darker grip may be more striking on my stainless revolver. Maybe buffalo horn would look better on the lighter finish stainless revolver, and the white or light colored imitation ivory, stag or elk would look better on a blued gun? If I go elk or stag, another question (assuming I go with a grip maker that gives the option) is how much bark I should request. I've seen elk grips with no bark and they are beautiful, but so is a lot of bark. The bark is darker though and may provide more contrast against the stainless and thus a better look.

So, which grips would you do if it was you?
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